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School Self-Evaluation

Summary-SSE-handwriting-2014 Summary-SIP-handwriting-2014 Summary SSE Report Problem Solving Web June 2015 Summary-SIP-Problem-Solving-Web-June-2015 Summary-SSE-Report-Well Being May 2019 Summary-SIP-Well being-Web-June-2019

Helping Children With Grief

Grief (Adapted from “Grief in Children: Someone to talk to”. Barnardos p. 64 – 65.) It is acknowledged that while there are distinct stages/phases in the grieving process different people may go through these stages in different sequences and at different paces. Generally the grieving process in adults is thought to take about two years while with children and adolescents it may be over
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Important Safety Notice

A. Dropping children to school – using the set down area Only parents/guardians who do not need to enter the school can use the set-down area – no parking in this area for any length of time as it causes obstruction. (See B.2. below also) Parents/Guardians must ensure children are placed onto the pedestrian walkway (not on the roadside) and then the children must
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First Pictures in NKETS 20 years ago!

20th Anniversary – first school pictures 6 Photos 20th Anniversary art 1 Photos

Congratulations Ray!!!

Congratulations and thanks to Ray Kane who completed the Liffey Descent to raise money to allow children from Junior Infants to First Class to go swimming. Everyone who returns a sponsor card to the school is entered into a fabulous draw with loads of prizes. Full list of prizes below The draw will take place on Friday 10th October Here is the full list of prizes for the raffle in the school on Friday
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What is the SRG

The SRG is the Student Representative Group. It consists of one boy and one girl from Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes. There are also substitute members from each class.The children are elected by proportional representation and elections take place twice a year, in September and again in February. The SRG meets regularly with the Principal to discuss issues of concern to students and
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Senior Infants – 2016/2017

Teacher The teachers for Senior Infants this year are Aoife Hogan and Sinead Moloney

Junior Infants – 2016/2017

Teacher The teachers for Junior Infants this year are Arlene Higgins and Cathy Breen

6th Class – 2016/2017

Teacher The teacher for Sixth Class this year is Grace Larkin

5th Class – 2016/2017

Teacher The teacher for 5th Class this year is Lydia McGuinness-Tyrrell