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Important Safety Notice

A. Dropping children to school – using the set down area
Only parents/guardians who do not need to enter the school can use the set-down area – no parking in this area for any length of time as it causes obstruction. (See B.2. below also)
Parents/Guardians must ensure children are placed onto the pedestrian walkway (not on the roadside) and then the children must use the pedestrian walkway provided.
When entering the set-down area ensure you queue behind the car in front – absolutely no overtaking. Please clearly use your indicators when moving off.
Do not drive over the pedestrian walkway – under any circumstances.
Please give way where possible to the school buses.

B. Public Car park (situated outside school)
When arriving or exiting the school please do not hinder the flow of traffic from the public car park and allow traffic to exit.
Parents and guardians who have appointments, or who wish to bring their children to their classrooms in the morning must use the public car park.
We cannot urge you enough to be vigilant of yours and other children at all times in the school grounds and in the public car park.
If the public car-park is full, please use the parking bays on the roadway from St. Wolstan’s school – do not park on the double yellow lines on the roadway from the round-about to the school gates. This causes severe congestion and is very dangerous for our pupils

C. Collecting children from school
Parents must park in the public car-park.
After collection, parents and children must use the pedestrian walkway and pathways.
Under no circumstances are children and younger siblings permitted to walk in front of or behind the buses. The drivers are unable to see them.
Children walking to the public car park unescorted to meet parents must use the pedestrian walkway – they are not to cross over the roadway.
Parents may drive up to Reception to collect a child should he/she become ill during the school day.

The school gates open at 8.40am – children dropped off before this time are not supervised by anyone.

You will have noticed that there is fencing around the ESB pylon in the public car park. Please ensure that your child does not attempt to climb or play around this area. It has been brought to our attention that children are not always supervised by parents in the public car park and are running in and around parked cars. This is a dangerous activity as cars are moving in and out of the public car park. Please supervise your child at all times.

This notice is for your child’s safety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the Board of Management

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