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NKETNS Gardening Group Update

Just a quick update from our Parents’ Gardening Group to fill you in on their ongoing work in the school!

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The mission of the Parents Gardening Group is: “To ensure every child in the school has the opportunity to plant and harvest food in the school year.” In order to be successful growing food with the students we need to keep the raised vegetable beds weed free, add nutrients by adding compost/manure to the beds thereby improving the growing environment for our vegetables.

We are also aiming to build some additional raised beds at the back of the new school building, so that as the school grows each class can have it’s own growing area. You’ll notice (if you are around the back of the school) that we have covered this area with weedmat for the winter months. Once the new beds are installed and the weeds have died off we hope to reseed this area with grass.

In addition, this year we will be replanting the Reading Corner in areas where weeds have taken over. We are in contact with the Athletic Club regarding spraying the weeds on the roundabout… which needs to be done on an annual basis. You might also have noticed that the Junior Infant beds were cleared with the help of a fab group of JI parents.

The gardening group looks to meet every week, one week on a Wednesday and the next week on a Friday. We meet around 9am (or so) in front of the school office. All parents – mums and dads – are welcome to join us. On any given week there might be 3 to 8 people helping out. You don’t have to have any particular experience in gardening and don’t have to commit to coming every week. If you have them we ask you to bring along a pair of gloves, a spade or shovel and a hand trowel. If not there are a few extras at the school. If you have any questions please contact the school office and Adrienne will put you in touch with the group!

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