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20th Anniversary Reunion

Our 20th Anniversary Reunion took place in Celbridge Manor Hotel on Friday 17th April. About fifty of our past pupils and a good representation of staff members came along and shared reminiscences of old times. Many of the past pupils commented that no-one they knew had ever heard of a primary school reunion before and it is a testament to the special atmosphere of NKNSP-NKETS-NKETNS that so many showed up.

The slide show of photos from the past was a great hit and thanks to current parents Fiona Kyle, Vicki McHugh, Adrienne Kelly, Enda Martin, Marie Moloney and Seán Gallagher who helped organise the night and take tickets at the door. Thanks also to Ben and Lucy Doyle for their work in spreading the word through the Facebook page they set up.

The staff agreed that you’ve all got very big since we saw you last and we’re very grateful to everyone who lied through their teeth by telling us that we’ve hardly changed at all!