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Bonus Episode of Cathy’s wildlife adventures

Check out what our Senior Infants teacher Cathy has discovered in a nearby pond with her new wildlife video!
Who needs David Attenborough when we’ve got our very own wildlife documentarian?

Stay tuned to see the next episode of Pond Cam next week!

Episode 2 is here…Do you notice any differences in the tadpoles since the last time?

Episode 3 is here…check out how the tadpoles have changed!
Pond Cam Ep 3

Have you seen anything interesting in your local area recently?

Episode 4 – check it out!

Cathy’s just dropped Episode 5 – what differences can you see?

Episode 6 of Pond Cam is here!

Episode 7 is here – wait til you see what happens!

Cathy Pond Cam Ep 7

Pond Cam Episode8

Yay episode 8 has landed! Enjoy Cathy’s second last episode of her wonderful Pond Cam.

The final episode of Cathy’s Pond Cam is here! Can you believe it??! Check it out! 

 Bonus episode of Cathy’s wildlife adventures below.