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5th Class November Work

Aoibhín’s class created pictures of David Attenborough using paints mixed together to create different tones and colours.

Aoibhín’s class also created comics for different values from our learn together over the past two weeks. Our comics are our values such as peace, honesty, respect and love in action which the children designed and created in pod groups and some created compliment poster they think children their age would like to hear for example: you’re a good friend or you have a very good sense of humour. 

Áine’s class have been learning about the Learn Together values like respect, love, peace, etc. They studied environmental climate change activists like Greta Thunberg who show good examples of those values. They made a list of all the things we can do to slow down climate change. They painted missing pieces that they had cut out of Greta’s portrait as they were learning how to paint from observation. Check out how similar the painted parts are to the real thing! They made their teacher very proud!
We learnt about the harvest celebration of Thanksgiving in both 5th classes. We read a story from Chief Swamp of the Iroquois Native American Tribe about being thankful to earth. Then we wrote what we were thankful for on leaves we created . We studied the tones in leaves from our environment and tried to recreate them as best we could.