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The Board of Management is the school committee charged with the day-to-day management of the school. Under the Education Act of 1998 all schools must have a Board of Management and the functions and responsibilities of the Board are laid out in documents published by the Department of Education and Science.

The Board of Management has eight members and is appointed for a four-year term. Two are nominated by the patron body which in our case is Educate Together; two are elected by the parents, one male and one female, one is elected by the teaching staff and the School Principal is always a Board member. Two further members are co-opted to act as community representatives. 

The members of the NKETNS Board of Management are as follows:

 Enda MartinPatron’s Nominee and Chairperson
Jenny McCarthySchool Principal
Sinead ClarkePatron’s Nominee
Lisa O’BrienParents’ Nominee
Cathy BreenTeachers’ Nominee
Gary FinneganParents’ Nominee
Gemma CarrollCommunity Representative
Ronan O’ReillyCommunity Representative