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Junior Infants

Welcome to Kelly and Orla’s Junior Infants Page

Funky Snow People
Rudolph Drawings
Funky Reindeers
Chilling with my Gnomies
Ag foghlaim faoi éadaí.
Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing
Working on patterns and cutting
Orla and Kelly’s Class have been learning all about 2D Shapes this month
This month junior infants have learned all about rhyming. To end the month each child made a house with rhyming words. We then made rhyming roads with all the rhyming houses.
Frankenstein Paper Craft
Paper Plate Witches Art
Junior Infants have read the story Room on the Broom.
We sequenced the story on a broom.
Junior Infant’s made their first mark in school – handprints on their first day of school
Junior Infants put Humpty back together again with some plasters.
Our Primary Colour Cows on Display
We celebrated World Dot Day and by printing with different dot shapes