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We made chips out of the potatoes we grew.

Anything Art- we cleared out our art presses, check out what Kelly’s class made

Smartie Maths

In Kelly’s 1st class we are counting down the days left in school by bursting a balloon each day. Every balloon is filled with a fun activity for us!
  1. Designing bridges
  2. Surface Tension/Bubbles
  3. Magnet Maze and Magnet Attraction
  4. Design a boat
  5. Acrobatic clown

A fun packed month this month in 1st

Cian’s class green thoughts as part of Fun Friend’s Programme
Kelly’s class made clay Easter nests
Working in groups to write words that use an exclamation mark in Kelly’s 1st.
Pete Cromer Inspired Birds
Lion Art by Cian’s Class created during Aistear
Cian’s class were inspired by the book Cave Baby and drew some drawings in the den
Cian’s class made this during Aistear at the Junk Art Area

Check out their Animal Reports they did as homework

One of our morning activities this month was printing.
We stuck down the letters L O V E and then printed with sponges.
This month 1st classes learned about Report Writing. Check out their reports on Polar Bears
Cian’s 1st Class Reports
Cian’s 1st Class Tom Crean Portraits
Kelly’s 1st Class Tom Crean Portraits
In Aistear some of Kelly’s class worked together to make Arctic animals and an Inuit with their playdough
Santa’s suit shrunk so we made new suits for Santa
Kelly’s Class Winter Snowmen
Rangoli Patterns for Diwali
Mosaic Art

1st class have been busy out this month

1st Class celebrated International Dot Day and created their own art work, turning a dot into…..

Warm and Cool Colour Moon and Sun Art
Celebrating Roald Dahl Day
Rainbow Self Portraits