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We are very lucky to have amazing facilities for sensory regulation and occupational therapy exercises in the school. These facilities are located in the outreach classes. Many of you will have visited during school and maybe you saw them on our open evening. The OT room is used by students throughout the school and is equipped with some great resources that allow us to set up sensory circuits daily and various OT programmes.

The multisensory room is the perfect place to help relax and regulate as it provides many different types of sensory input, from lights to sounds and feelings.

Peter’s Outreach Class made these beautiful birds’ nests, inspired by the nest we discovered in the sensory garden last week. Can you spot the dinosaur’s nest?

Peter’s Outreach Class were learning about shapes this month in maths. We sang shape songs and made shape characters for our classroom. We also made Valentine’s Day cards for our parents by cutting and sticking hearts and some of us wrote our own special messages.  

Peter’s outreach class had a jungle theme for January. We made snakes, tigers, lions, zebras and frogs. We set up a jungle in our class with all our amazing art and had loads of fun playing in it. We enjoyed singing jungle songs and reading the book Monkey Puzzle. 
Peter’s Outreach Class did some beautiful art for Christmas. We made reindeer using our handprints and paper plates. We also made Christmas Wreaths
Christmas trees. Amazing work from Bobby, Lucy M, Matthew, Aiden, Lucy D and Charlie. 
Peter’s class made some beautiful pieces of art using bubble wrap and paint during a sensory activity.
Peter’s Outreach class made Pirate Ships while reading the story, The Night Pirates. 

Peter’s Outreach class put Humpty Dumpty back together and made some incy wincy spiders and spider webs .