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Mo theach by Áine’s class
Procedural Recipes by Arlene’s Class
3rd Class Winter Art on display in the hall for the show
Cá bhfuil Wally?
Winter Cinquain’s by Arlene’s Class
Responses to From a Railway Carriage by Arlene’s Class
Sa Bhaile by Arlene’s Class
Stone Age Cave Art by Arlene’s class
Bia by Arlene’s class
Biachlár by Arlene’s class
Mondrian Maths Week Art by Arlene’s class
Maths Eyes by Arlene’s class
The Powerful Sun by Arlene’s class
Halloween Art by Arlene’s class
Space Week by Arlene’s class
Spooky scene’s by Áine’s class
Áine’s class learnt all about the power of the sun in geography. It can power our houses, electricity and warm water. It can even be used to power cars. We watched some solar powered car racing around the world in eco-friendly car races. They were so cool we decided to design our own. We also measured the length of our shadows in science with partners. We discovered that they were longer in the morning or late in the day when the sun was no longer directly above us.
Roald Dahl Acrostic Poems
Celebrating Roald Dahl Day
Castletown in the Autumn – pointillism by Áine’s class
Portraits by Arlene’s Class
Frida Kahlo Art by Arlene’s Class
Recount Writing
Our Crests by Arlene’s Class
3rd Class Portraits

3rd Class Portraits by Áine’s class