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Mobile Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

                                                                                                                   May 2021


Introductory Statement

This policy is to ensure that any use by pupils of electronic devices on the school premises is appropriate. Mobile phones should not be used in the school, on school tours or during after-school activities on school premises.


  • Mobile phones and internet-connected devices can be used to conduct bullying campaigns.
  • Mobile phones and internet-connected devices can provide access to cameras and the internet giving pupils opportunity to view and disseminate inappropriate images.
  • Mobile phones and internet-connected devices can be intrusive and distracting in a school environment.
  • Strategies must be put in place to prevent the intrusiveness of mobile phones and internet-connected devices in a school situation.
  • The use of digital technologies under the guidance of their teacher can be invaluable in equipping children with the skills to navigate the online world safely and support them to become responsible digital citizens.
  • Where the use of an electronic device has been specifically recommended for a student and approved by the school, this can offer valuable support for their learning.  

Relationship to School Ethos

  • The use of mobile phones and unauthorised use of electronic devices by pupils contravenes the provision of a safe and secure school environment conducive to learning in our primary school.
  • Our school’s aims and ethos state that the true purpose of education is seen to be the realisation of every individual’s potential so that they can play a useful and fulfilling role in society. Under the guidance of the teacher and in collaboration with parents, digital technologies can enhance learning while equipping children with the skills to navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

Internal School Procedures

  1. Pupils of the North Kildare Educate Together National School are not allowed to have or use mobile phones or internet-connected devices within the school premises (building and grounds) at any time with the exception of those specifically approved by the school for educational purposes. Approved devices may include those recommended in an educational report or devices provided by the school to enhance learning.

  2. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to regularly monitor any internet-connected device their child uses (or has access to), ensuring all content is appropriate.

  3. Approved devices will be used in class in such a way as to ensure the teacher can view what is being worked on when required e.g., desktop monitors are facing the teacher, approved laptops and other devices are on students’ desks.
  • The school has engaged with the online learning platform Seesaw to enhance learning during prolonged unforeseen school closures. Seesaw may also be used from time to time for children to share homework with their teacher.
  • Where devices are used for educational purposes, the school will endeavour to ensure that no child is left behind and in the event of a prolonged school closure will endeavour to provide families in need with the loan of a device where possible.
  • The Board of Management does not accept any responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of any mobile phones or electronic devices on the school premises.
  • This policy will also apply to school trips and during after-school activities on the school premises.
  • Pupils who need to contact home for urgent reasons during school hours may do so through the school secretary using the school phone.
  • Any pupil breaking this policy will have their mobile phone or electronic device confiscated by the school for the following periods:

    • Confiscation will last one week from the day of the offence.
  • Any further breach of this policy will result in confiscation for one full month.

The mobile phone or electronic device will be available for collection by the pupil’s parents or guardian from the Principal’s office at the end of the period of confiscation set out at a. and b. above.

  1. Repeated breaches of this policy will be dealt with under the School Code of Behaviour policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

All staff share in the co-ordination and implementation of this policy.


This policy will be reviewed in 2023