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Our school was recognized as an official ‘Active School’ in 2018 and we were awarded an Active Flag.

Our Active Flag Coordinators- Niall and Kelly

Check out some fun ideas for Summer

Garden Yoga

Ocean Yoga

Spring Yoga

Superhero Yoga

Yoga Gross Motor Activity Cards

The Irish Heart Foundation have provided some excellent resources to keep us Active while we are at home. Click the the links below

Bizzy Breaks

Animal Moves

Lets Get Active Challenge 1

Lets Get Active Challenge 2

Lets Get Active Challenge 3

Lets Get Active Challenge 4

Lets Get Active Challenge 5

Check out more fun activities below

Gross Motor Skills Activities

Home Fitness Circuits for the Garden

Video Links

Outdoors and Back Garden Activities

  • Obstacle Course: Set up a mini course at home or in the garden which involves, hopping, sliding, running, crawling, swinging, jumping, balancing etc.
  • Trampoline: If you have access to a trampoline, bounce, bounce, bounce!
  • Cycling: Get out on your bike and cycle, cycle!
  • Scooter: If you have a scooter, get out for a scoot!
  • Ball Games: Play with different size balls. Practice rolling, catching and bouncing a ball, and playing football.
  • Rope games: There are many games you can play with a rope to help develop balance, muscle tone and coordination. Some examples include: walking along the rope on the floor, jumping over it and side to side, skipping, tug of war. You could also make out lines on the floor using tape and use them to walk along, between or jump over.