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Science Week 2022
Lisa’s 1st Class created their own planets
Science Week Lobby Display

4th class did the Mentos experiment with their buddy class – senior infants
We also tested the effects of vinegar, coca cola and water on the shell of an egg. We found the egg shell in vinegar became soft after a day, while the others remained hard.
Lydia’ class choose food that they thought were most likely acidic enough to dissolve egg shell. We are eagerly awaiting the results and will let you know when we reach something conclusive.
Kelly’s Junior Infants discussed what they thought a scientist looked like and drew a picture of a scientist

We celebrated Space Week this year from Tuesday 4th – Monday 10th October 2022.

All about the Sun by Arlene’s 3rd Class
Super Solar Power by Áine’s class
Solar System by Niall’s 6th Class

Maggie’s 2nd class were very creative with their Space Week 2022 drawings

Senior Infants learned about the moon.
Planets display by Arlene’s Class