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The Intel® Mini Scientist Exhibition is a program which allows primary school students to develop science related projects which are then exhibited at fairs held within their own schools. Winning projects selected at this school level exhibition then go on to take part in the Mini Scientist Regional Final event with the possibility of continuing on to the Grand Final event.

The competition supports the Primary Science curriculum and is a great way to encourage enthusiasm and practical learning in the area of science.

We have been taking part in this program for many years.  Each year our 5th classes takes part in it. 

Intel Mini Scientist – 5th Class

All the children in 5th Class did projects for the Mini Scientist. We started Mini Scientist in October 2021. we were on a team with the people at our table. Our first job was to pick the topic our project would be about. Next we had to start researching our topic. After that we started on our information booklets and anything else such as experiments and posters. Then it was time to start presenting our projects. Everyone was working really hard for the prize to show Intel our project and get the prize money for our school. Finally judging day came. We set up in the hall and waited for Kelly to come and judge our projects. Soon after the results came in. In 4th place was the crystal project. In 3rd was the volcano project. The water filter project was 2nd and in 1st was the germ project.

After a couple of months, we had a Zoom call with Intel to see who was the overall winner. Even though our school didn’t win, everyone did very well and it was a great experience.