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Maths Week

The week before Midterm break was a busy one. NKETNS took part in Maths Week.
Check out below what the students got up to.
Aarushi Singampalli from Jenny’s Senior Infants class

Aarnavi Singampalli from Hannah’s 4th class

Seren & Haydn Murphy – Maths week at Home

Charlie mcniffe 4th class

Emer Hall in Junior Infants 2 for Maths Week

A picture of parallel lines on a guitar fret! Sent by Levon McNally in 5th Class 1.

5th Class made tessellations

Shane’s 2nd Class linked their SESE lessons with Maths

Kelly’s 1st Class played a game of Halloween Bump

Kelly’s 1st class investigated pumpkins. They measured them with cubes to see how tall they were.

Arlene’s 6th Class did some Maths Art by studying the artist Mondrian and creating their own Mondrian Art work

Aoibhín’s 5th Class were working on 2D shapes, drawing lines of symmetry, using 2D shapes to tessellate, and learning all about Polygons during Maths Week. They classified 2D shapes and their properties by making Wanted Polygon Posters. 

Junior Infants made Patterns

Jenny’s Senior Infants made Mr Men and Little Miss 2D Shape Art

Shane’s 2nd Class made mazes out of Numicon